Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Selection of the Newer Perfumes

Let's look at a brief description of some of the new perfumes of the past few years.  I have more knowledge of some than others, so do write and tell me at the email address below if you are very familiar with a particular new perfume and why it appeals so much.  Write also if there is a special luxury perfume less well known that you want to share with others.  A few from the previous decade are included because of their dominance in world sales now, but it is impossible to list every perfume and which might just happen to your favourite.
Prices where given, are approximate to give you an idea of possible cost in December 2003 and will more than likely vary with supplier.  Also I have tried to give an idea of the starting prices of these perfumes where practical.  Please note we do not sell perfume. 
For meanings of EDT and EDP go to the bottom of page.

Perfumes Favoured in the Noughties

Ardenbeauty by Elizabeth Arden (floral green) - A rich elegant floral with green notes, Rubrum lily, golden sweet orchid, a twist of lemon, on a base of Indian sandalwood, amber and musk.  £32.50 for 50ml EDP.  Launched 2002.
Emporio Armani Night for Her by Armani - A seriously seductive, mysterious voluptuous and sensual perfume with a woody, floral and amber base hinting at peonies, lily of the valley, blackcurrant, cranberry amid sandalwood, patchouli and myrrh.  Ideal for winter. £30 for 50ml EDP.
Sensi by Georgio Armani (floriental) -  A refined, stylish perfume that encapsulates Armani fashion with woody, floral and oriental notes of Kaffir lime leaves, barley, Palisander woods, vanilla and delicate flowers mimosa, jasmine.   £39 for 50ml EDP.  Launched 2002.
Boss Intense by Boss (oriental) - A sensual mesmerising fragrance of amber base notes, spice mixed with vanilla, all mingled with vanilla orchid and warm wood notes.  £29 for 50ml EDP.  Launched 2003.
Initial for Women by Boucheron (floral) - A  sweet and romantic refreshing floral with notes of lily of the valley, Turkish rose, cinnamon, patchouli, blackcurrant leaf and vanilla. Launched 2000.
Burberry Brit by Burberry (oriental) - Very reminiscent of all things British, with soft wood, sugared almonds, lime, pear and amber tones.   £23 for 30ml EDP. £36 for 50ml EDT.
Gloria by Cacharel (oriental)  - A fresh oriental, with notes of Hibiscus, roses, amaretto and vanilla ideal for rock chicks. £18.50 for 50ml EDT.
Chance by Chanel (oriental) - A watery floral with a warm background. £31.50 for 50ml EDT.
Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel (oriental) -  A fresh oriental perfume.  £40 for 50ml EDT.
Clinique Happy by Clinique (floral) - Launched 1997, but one of the world's most popular perfumes of now.  Full of fruits and flowers with a white floral base including magnolia and red grapefruit and blonde woods making this an upbeat warm scent in a rather dull bottle.
Clinique Simply by Clinique (floral) - A watery floral blend of white flowers with a touch of aniseed and a creamy warmth.   £32 for 50ml EDT.
Celine Dion by Coty ( floral) - Ripe fruits with soft florals.  £20 for 50ml EDT.
Ghost by Coty - A sweet, flowery, but modern classic perfume.  £27 for 50ml EDT.
ISA  Bella by Coty (oriental) - Vanilla and balsam with florals create a deep mysterious smell.  £27 for 50ml EDT.
Cool Water Woman by Davidoff - An aquatic blend.  £21 for 30ml EDT.
Escada Ibiza Hippie by Escada - A blend of amber, pear, freesia and cranberry.  Launched 2003.
Dior Addict by Dior (floriental) - Sexy sandalwood based scent with vanilla rose and jasmine and the rare Jamaican flower The Queen of the Night.  £39 for 50ml EDP, £23 for 20ml EDP.
Sicily by Dolce and Gabbana (chypre) - A twist on citrus, herbs and blossoms, including honeysuckle, Italian bergamot, jasmine, hibiscus and sandalwood.  £30 for 25ml EDP.
Magot by Etro (chypre) - Fruits mixed with blossoms and patchouli combine to give a sensuous perfume once settled.  £48 for 100ml EDT.
Celine Pour Femme  - A spicy woody fragrance with rich florals.  £21.50 for 30ml EDT.
Fendi by Fendi (oriental) - A modern scent of amber, musk and vanilla on soft woods.  £40 for 100ml EDT.
Serenity by Ghost -  A feminine scent that contains, bergamot, lily of the valley, Peony and Tonka beans.  £28 for 50ml.  Launched 2003. 
Very Irresistible by Givenchy (floral) - This is the world's first floral aromatic scent.  Fresh with a heart of rose, combining 5 different roses and star anise with verbena.  £27.50 for 30ml EDT.
Hot Couture by Givenchy ( floral) -  Sexy and sensual flowery scent with a heart of lily, magnolia and fruity raspberry, amid black pepper overlaid with vetiver, sandalwood and ambergris notes.  Launched 2000.
Quel Amour By Annick Goutal -  A fabulous new fragrance with the discrete scent of peonies mixed with wild roses and geranium rosa, is enhanced by fruits such as pomegranates, redcurrants, cherries and peaches. £35 for 50ml. Launched 2002.
Gucci eau de Parfum by Gucci -  A rich, musky, heady, exotic and erotic, luxurious perfume with orange blossom, thyme, cumin and heliotrope that mellows into an elusive scent.  Not for the shy and retiring.  £26 for 30ml EDP
Gucci Rush 2 by Gucci - A gentle luxurious perfume for those who prefer the fresh and flowery.  Launched 2001.
L'instant by Guerlain (oriental) - The latest offering from  the wonderful Guerlain range. A delicious classy oriental scent roundly finished with a powdery feel.  £30.50 for 50 ml EDT. £52 for 100ml EDT.
Mahora by Guerlain (floriental)-  A heart of frangipani, jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang and neroli overlaid with vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver.  This is a serious, sultry memorable exotic fragrance for those who like to make a statement.  You will either love it or loathe it.  If you like Dior's Poison you will like this.  I love Guerlain perfumes, but this is the one I find too obvious and too cloying.  Launched in 2000.
Chic by Carolina Herrera  - A seamless, fresh, elegant scent blend with Bulgarian roses, orange flower, mandarin, freesia, ambrette, and vanilla.  Launched 2002.
Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs (floral) - A modern, crisp, clean, feminine perfume based around the mystery of gardenia, musk, cedar and ginger.  Launched 2001.  Very popular.
Glow by J.Lo (floral aldehyde)  - A warm sexy and fresh floral fragrance of jasmine, orris, grapefruit and orange flower, with sandalwood, soft musk and amber.   Some may find it too sweet, but my husband always says "you smell lovely" whenever I wear this.  £21 for 30 ml EDT.  Launched 2002.
Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan - A beautiful floral scent that is refreshing, subtle and feminine.  £27 for 30ml EDT. £37 for 50ml EDT.
Flower by Kenzo (floral) - A simple straightforward powdery floral fragrance. It combines poppy, rose, vanilla, violet and hawthorn. £27.50 for 30ml EDP.  £38 for 50ml EDP.
Truth by Calvin Klein (green) - A refreshing woody oriental fragrance ideal for casual wear.  £34 for 50ml EDP.  £21 for 30ml EDP.  Launched 2000.
Michael by Michael Kors - A sophisticated much loved scent with woody undertones, freesia and tuberose on the surface.
Attraction by Lancôme (floriental ) - An attractive stylish perfume which is fresh, floral and green to start with, then hints at an amber and vanilla note on iris, syringa and patchouli.  £28.50 for 30ml EDP.  Very now.
Connexion by Lancôme - An attractive, friendly, happy scent with a warm musky feel.  It is like a bouquet of white flowers and includes magnolia, wild roses and hibiscus together with the fruitiness of blackcurrant and blackberries and the lushness of whipped cream, vanilla and patchouli.  The lingering smell of this perfume hauntingly reminds me of a long lost favourite perfume of many years ago. £25 for 50ml EDT.  Launched 2003.
Miracle by Lancôme - A contemporary feminine white flowers perfume with zesty sharp green notes in a haze of jasmine and magnolia, all underscored by spices and amber.  Perfect for casual and daywear.  Launched 2001 and hugely popular.
Tresor by Lancôme (floriental) -  Re-launched as long ago as 1990 this feminine scent is high on the USA top ten list of best selling scents in this decade. Containing lilac, apricot, amber and musk it is a sharp floriental fragrance.  £28 for 30 ml EDP.
Pour Elle by Ted Lapidus (oriental) - Rich blossoms on a cushion of exotic wood and oriental notes.  £37 for 50ml EDP.
Beautiful by Estee Lauder (floral) - Launched in the 1990s, but one of the most popular perfumes in the USA top ten.  A lovely scent like a bouquet of flowers with citrus woods and spices.  £30 for 30ml EDP.
Intuition by Estee Lauder (oriental) - A beautiful soft sensual scent with vanilla, fruits and floral notes that is modern and wearable.   £36.50 for 50ml EDP. Launched in 2000, hugely popular and still in the USA top ten perfumes.
Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder (oriental) - A light, radiant, tropically fresh, simple, but warm and full exotic perfume, using lingering scents of flowers like Natal plum blossoms and crêpe jasmine and moss.  Very now.  £27.50 for 30ml EDP.  £37.50 for 50 ml EDP.
Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder (floral) - Intensely feminine this is a fresh take on the original Pleasure, but with more intense concentrated Eau de Parfum violet tones and ideal for summer. £48 for 100ml EDP.  Launched 2002.
Glamourous by Ralph Lauren - A dress up or down special floral fragrance made from the Casablanca lily, Siam wood and musk.  £41 for 50 ml EDP.  Launched 2002.
Romance by Ralph Lauren (chypre) - This contains chamomile, freesia, tangerine, ginger, violet and oakmoss and makes a light perfume.  £25 for 30 ml EDP.   Launched 1999.
Stella by Stella McCartney (floral) - Fresh simple delicate flowers such as roses offset with amber and woods.  £37.50 for 50ml EDP.
Kingdom by Alexander McQueen (chypre) - A spicy, bright, sensual and exotic fragrance full of character that turns heads.  Contains ginger, vanilla, woods and myrrh.  £31 for 30ml EDP.
Enjoy by Patou (floral) - A lively, sensual fruity floral for grown ups.  £31 for 30ml EDP.
Malabah by Penhaligon (oriental) - Smells of exotic spices mixed with oranges in a far eastern harbour.  £57 for 100ml EDP.
Premier Jour by Nina Ricci (floriental) - A subtle, slightly exotic musky scent with notes hinting at sugared almonds, gardenia, mandarin, and sweet peas and all that is lovely of a long summer's day.  Launched 2001.
Absolu by Rochas - A gentle spicy fragrance with sandalwood, cinnamon and a sharp twist of pepper. Soft enough for office wear.  Launched 2002.
Aquawoman by Rochas - This is a sharp aquatic scent, a blend of nacre, amber, musk on criste marine.  Launched 2002.
Manifesto by Isabella Rossellini - A fresh floral scent launched in 2000.  Made from an exotic mix of fruits, soft flowers, spice with under tones of sandalwood, white musk and chestnut.
Extreme by Paul Smith - A sophisticated  fragrance of mandarin, blackcurrant, freesia and amber.  £20 for 30ml EDT.  £27 for 50ml EDT.  £37 for 100ml EDT.
Kate Spade Parfum - (At present exclusively available at Harrods in UK) - a beautiful new simple sensual fragrance of white flowers, neroli, jasmine with a heart of gardenia.
Anna Sui dolly Girl by Anna Sui (floral)  - A flowery, sweet, girly fresh scent, reminiscent of melons and apples, roses, jasmine, and magnolia.    £20 for 30ml EDT.
Vera Wang The Fragrance by Vera Wang  -  The perfect scent for brides. Roses calla lily, gardenia and stephanotis with lotus iris, woods and musk combine to make a classic floral bouquet for the dream day.  £48 for 50ml EDP.  2003.
Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood - Exotic tempting and sultry combining sandalwood, patchouli, Turkish rose vanilla, lilac, cilantro and orange blossom with musky floral overtones. You may not like this at first but put it on an hour before you go out and let it develop fully into a warm sexy winter scent. £35 for 50 ml EDP.  Launched 1998.

Very Valentino by Valentino (oriental) - A classic scent with green notes on a base of musk, exotic flowers and vanilla.
Nu Eau de Toilette by YSL (oriental) - A blend of woods, vanilla and spices that make a sensual sophisticated, spicy, sexy scent.  From £39. £52 for 100ml EDT.
Baby Doll by YSL (fruits) - A feminine fruity citrus scent with freesia, spices, peach grapefruit, rose, ginger, pomegranate and cedarwood.  Launched 1999.

Perfumes August 2005

Newest Perfumes
The new elegant grown up hourglass silhouette of this autumn will demand more sophisticated old fashioned heady fragrances.  The newest perfumes to attract attention have the traditional fragrance notes of violet, rose or lily.  1990s ozonic notes are not the flavour of the month this autumn.

Limited editions are also popular in perfumes. The latest reissue is of an old favourite of mine and is available exclusively from Harrods. The Harrods perfume department stock unusual and hard to find perfumes and if like me you have longed for years to have some Lancôme Magie eau de Parfum you can now buy it from Harrods this season.  
Magie was launched in 1950.  It has a great 50s feel to it, heavily loaded with rose and jasmine and is a memorable scent.  You won't sneeze when you use this perfume.  As soon as I heard of it being for sale again I rang Harrods to order some and it arrived just a few days later.  DO NOT confuse this scent with Magie Noire.
Violet scents will also be on sale this autumn especially from Alexander McQueen and Anick Goutal.  Both will have scents based primarily on violets.  Miss Dior Cherie is the latest 2005 perfume from Dior launching anyday now.

A Brief Reminder of the Constituents of Perfume

78% to 95% of specially denatured ethyl alcohol with a remainder of essential oils makes the product we call perfume and is also loosely called scent or fragrance.
Products with 22% of essential oils are the costliest form of fragrance and are called Perfumes.
EDP or Eau de Parfum comes next, having between 15 and 22% essential oils. It can last  about 4 hours on the wearer.
That's followed by Eau de Toilette (EDT) with 8 to 15% oils, whilst the weaker Eau de Cologne has just 4% essential oils.
The lightest dilution of fragrance of all is Eau Fraiche with 1 to 3% essential oils and is for those who crave super subtlety.
Choose from the major categories of Floral, Oriental, Floriental, Chypre, Green Marine, Animalic  and Fruit (Hesperidia).

Perfumes are easy to buy over the internet and often at a discount, just use a reputable supplier.

Perfume as a Gift

The $10 billion perfume market place needs to keep up with the consumer's desire for new fragrances.  To put a new perfume on the market costs from £500,000 to a £1,000,000.  So the scent has to reflect modern tastes in smell perception, to sell well enough to recoup initial development costs.
In 2003 alone, over 70 new perfumes were launched in the UK.  Most annual perfume sales are made in the run up to Christmas.  Yet at anytime of the year, many of you are wondering what to choose for gifts as well as at Christmas. 
Perfume, aromatherapy and luxury beauty products are often the first choice because they are special and extravagant.  They are also often novel with the 'latest' item in a trend setting designer brand product range.   Designers are warming to this novel limited selcetion idea and now in 2007 have started to make niche private collection perfume ranges.
Couple these facts with the knowledge that most perfume coffrets are sold beautifully packaged and you have a gift that says 'you are special and deserve to be pampered' to the recipient.  With the average mass consumer in mind, many such gift packages are pitched around either the £25, £35 or £49 mark and can offer excellent value for money.  
Often they contain either an EDT or EDP with some body lotion and perhaps a matching shower or bath gel, providing the perfect products for layering your scent.  Old fashioned bath cubes are no longer the item that a woman looks for in her Christmas stocking.  Layered designer fragrance has far more appeal for the modern miss.
Television and glossy magazine advertisements for perfumes are intended to convey the message that an individual can fantasise that they are part of the glamour that is inherent in the advertisement, if they wear that particular perfume.  No wonder so many of these advertisements give an impression of being steeped in luxury with liquid gold, iridescent and silken draped materials that say exotic, erotic and expensive.  The message in a bottle is clear - wear the perfume and you have a share in the fantasy dream world of luxury.  But beware, be guided by your nose and what suits you and your personality rather than the fantasy image of the advert and the luxury of the packaging however cool it seems at a moment in time. 
Every woman has a wardrobe of about 6 or 7 scents, some will have even more.  Of the average ownership about 2 bottles are gifts, 2 are image/trend driven and a couple are self selected by the individual because they are old favourites related to their true personality.
I have just counted 9 bottles on my dressing table and know there are 2 more in a kitchen drawer for a quick spray without running upstairs, whilst a small spray sits in my handbag.  Once Christmas and the January sales come there will be several more.  When you own half a dozen bottles, you have to use those fragrances daily as they will go off if left languishing in a drawer for too long.
Some people like myself, make a point of using perfume every day.  For me it is part of getting bathed, dressed and made up.  Applying a perfume is the final act of making a signature statement for the day.  However own more than 10 and you soon find that one is likely to go off from lack of more than occasional use.
A simple way of using a fragrance daily is in bath products so you use scent almost without thinking about it.  The best way is incorporated in bath or shower gel or as routine after bath spray.  Today only a few perfume brands sell these easy and quick to use spray body oils.  It seems to me a marketing point is being missed here as I know I am representative of many women who do not have the luxury of time to rub in body lotions other than occasionally when rushing to get out of the house.  Yet I do use after bath oil sprays regularly. These few brands include Chanel No.5, Chance, Eau de Cartier, Angel, Gloria and Romance.